Our students;

  • To develop in terms spiritual, moral, mental and physical.
  • Be aware of current events and issues in the world, be responsible to society, to think freely and to have scientific thought.
  • To develop their skills and talents of contemporary methods.
  • Be one of the first in terms of success in entrance examinations of educational institutions of secondary and higher.
  • To develop their skills in fine arts such as drawing, music, theater, etc.
  • To succeed in any discipline of sport at the national and international level.
  • Be the contemporaneous terms of effective communication with all the people in this globalized world, regardless of language, religion and ethnicity.
  • Continuing to follow innovations and be able to use information technologies actively.
  • Educate the extent to take first places in competitions and Olympiads scientific projects at the national and international level.

For our teachers;

  • To provide technical opportunities, social and psychological ability to rise to the highest level of their skills.
  • To provide optimal economic conditions to be satisfied to follow the latest developments in their field of vocational training.
  • Have good relationships with students and parents.
  • To constantly informed about the latest developments in the field of education and educational outcomes in order to absorb different knowledge.

To ensure that other employees;

  • Be the people working with desire and passion and have good cooperation with administration.

  • Be an example for their students with good behavior.

  • The success rewarded at every show for their professional development.

  • To make the team work which they perform accurately and timely their responsibilities and duties and to have an attitude and philosophy of high quality.