To enable the maximum use of quality education services to achieve our students’ goal. Quality is the primary responsibility that every employee of our institution should have. This responsibility can be realized in our institutions which provide a motivating and supportive learning environment, conditions for their training and development as well as an environment in which developments are encouraged.

For the continuous improvement of quality, special importance is given to the research of new practices and original works that are offered in service as soon as possible to our teachers, parents and students.

Every year, the educational institutions “Gulistan” review the quality goals at the level of their schools and units in order to be in a “continuous development”. The quality procedures of our institutions are determined by evaluating the requests and suggestions of parents, students in according to the law so that their participation is enabled in this process.

For the effective implementation of the principles of quality, the leadership of educational institutions “Gulistan” is in constant cooperation and communication with officials of the Ministry of Education, other education officials, university professionals, company partners and leaders of support units of institutions our.