Extra clothes:

Parents are encouraged to send their child to school with extra clothes in case of accidents.

Inside shoes:

Outside shoes are not worn in the kindergarten, and students are allowed to bring slippers or inside shoes to wear around and to the bathroom.


Students can choose to bring their own lunch or order it through the private catering company MIST works with. Since many of our students have restrictions in their diet, sharing food with others is avoided. Students will be asked to show good table manners while enjoying their lunch.


Snack is provided at 2:30, but students may bring their own if they wish. Parents are encouraged not to send their children to school with sugary snacks.

Medication, Allergies, Sickness:

Please let the teacher, the office, and the school doctor know if there are any allergies or illnesses that might affect your child’s performance in school and if there are any medications that the staff need to administer to your child during the day. If a child has any serious illnesses or allergies it is the duty of the parents to inform the school. It is also a requirement of the Ministry of Education that all children’s vaccinations be up to date prior to registration.